Financial Management – end to end service

Day to day financial management

Debt management and processing

Credit management and processing

Business and trust account management

General ledger accounting

Bank reconciliations


PAYE and UIF returns

Compensation fund returns and payments

Leave management

Financial Compliance

PAYE and UIF returns

SARS Compliance

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Audit queries

Annual Planning

Budgeting and forecasting

Ad hoc accounting queries

Fixed Asset Register maintenance and processing

Business Support

Fundraising Support

Due diligence on potential investors

Advise on fundraising strategies

Proposal and tender submissions

Maintain and build investor relationships

Event management support

Digital Marketing

Website development and maintenance

Creation of digital content

Social media content

Social media monitoring and maintenance

Newsletter publications


General administrative support

Travel co-ordination

Secretarial services

Internal communication support

Data capturing

Risk and Compliance

Audit compliance

Anti-money laundering practices

Risk and compliance training

Privacy data management

CIPC compliance

NPO compliance

BEE compliance

Talent Management

Recruitment & Onboarding

Facilitating inclusivity and diversity in the application process.

Learning & Development

Facilitating the learning and development of employees in key areas of your business objectives.

Progression and Performance

Ensure quality, consistency and productivity of outputs and outcomes.

Reward, Recognition & Benefits

Develop and implement a sustainable and effective reward, recognition and benefits plan.

Retention & Exit Plans

Implement sustainable retention plans for employees.
Develop an appropriate exit protocol.

IT Support

Remote Support

Provide reliable remote support.

Access remote computers and provide an on-demand and unattended remote desktop support.

Endpoint Security

Ensure quick analysis through security audits, and fast implementation of products and services.

Limit immediate risk.

Cloud Computing

Allow for storage and computing power on demand.

IT Consultancy

Advise on the optimal use of information technology in order to meet business objectives or overcome problems.

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